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Christine Day Online Blog

Christine Day brings the latest teachings and messages from the Pleiadians. She holds the platform for us to move into our enlightenment in this lifetime. This is our destiny. The key to this is accepting our humanness; embracing ourselves as 'perfectly imperfect'. Christine channels and shares her experiences to assist us in moving towards our own self acceptance and awakening.

Christine's Message November 2017

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Hi, The energetic pace on our planet continues an acceleration path and I am finding that the Pleiadians are working closer with me than ever before. I have been given specific guidance to interact within the Communication Portals on our land, making deep energetic adjustments. There is much to be done at this crucial time on Earth and November is shaping up to be a key, pivotal month for further dramatic multidimensional changes. 

I am letting go as I continue to follow my guidance, as I am experiencing my communications with the Pleiadians is building in form. I find myself in a constant energetic engagement of transformation with them during this time period. Through a series of interactions of transformational communion I am being forged, transformed through a communion of love. 

I strongly suggest that you engage with the increased potential of energy that the natural forces are carrying for us. These pure forces will bring to you a deeper integration of the multidimensional energy that is realigning through all of us. Simply lie on the earth with your palms connected to the earth and let go. Receive the powerful force of the Sun’s energetic rays and bring them into your Heart. Open up to the essence of the wind and receive the energy transmitted by the water elements. These combined energies have been designed to support us in our transition and to assist us to energetically integrate these new electrical changes that are currently progressing throughout our systems.

The Pleiadians keep reminding me of the importance for all of us to breathe consciously, to slow down the pace of our life. Each moment mirrors an aspect of our sacred within as we choose to align our awareness within the moment. We consciously choose to receive the new light patterning, which is to begin entering our planet in November. This patterning is designed to be absorbed within our cells, expanding the consciousness. 

Continue to use the conscious breath and bring your awareness into your Heart as you breathe. This slowing down will develop a deeper, more complete new inner connection through your Heart as a light patterning begins to expand our conscious awareness. All things sacred naturally become more accessible within our Hearts. 

Remember ‘you are who you have been waiting for’.

I continue to hold the platform for each one of us at this powerful juncture.

Love and blessings,


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