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THE INTENT OF A LONG-DISTANCE SESSION  is to enable  a practitioner to create a session in one geographical location while the client is in another.   A practitioner of FOB who has successfully completed a Stage 5 Frequency workshop has the ability to create and hold a stable  energetic space that allows work with a person who is  not physically present in the same room.   The space that is  consciously  created in the Frequencies of Brilliance work is known  as the “Gap”.   It is a space of non-linear time.    It contains ”no time and no space” and at the same time "all space and all time.”   Within this "Gap"  a clear transfer of the energies takes place  and is transmitted  to an individual at a time and location consciously intended.    Since this dimensional space is in non-linear time the work can be performed and sent backward or forward in time as well as to any location.

In short, the  FOB  work cuts through the limitations of our physical existence and allows us to experience ourselves in other dimensional spaces. And hence people living in other geographic locations than a practitioner have an opportunity to receive and experience this work.

The awareness of this dimensional space is spoken about in many indigenous cultures, traditions, and meditation practices, as well as in in the world of quantum physics.   It is referred to by many other names, including  the field,  the void, and  vacuum space, etc.

The key point to note in this description is that  the work is  immutably   unchanged  as it is transmitted to the individual receiving the frequency session. The energetic process is precise and pure  in its  form.

A practitioner and client, through email or phone conversation, will decide on a mutually convenient time for the client to receive the work. The client may set an intention if they choose to do so, and the  work is done per the pre-arranged agreement.  Follow-ups to the session are conducted by email, skype, or telephone conversation.