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FREQUENCIES OF BRILLIANCE is a cutting edge healing modality that has been specifically gifted to the planet by the Pleiadians to enable us to accelerate our remembrance of and awakening to the fundamental truth of who we are. 

As we move through the Shift, it is paramount that we return to our natural spiritual wholeness.  In order to achieve this, we first need to heal the emotional wounds that have long been buried in our cellular structure. 

The Frequencies of Brilliance session is a process that enables you to identify, acknowledge and release the emotional congestion that has built up over eons of lifetimes. 

Because each of us is different, no two sessions are the same. Changes take place with every session, and as each session is completed it is as though you are moving into a new beginning for yourself. You will continue to birth yourself from the energy of each session for days, and possibly weeks afterwards. You will be healing and unfolding within yourself, birthing into a new understanding of truth and clarity. There is an ongoing connection from each session that will continue to create healing for you.

As the density in the cells begins to lift, the frequency in our cells also begins to shift, enabling our own unique signature, or frequency of light, to emerge.  When this occurs, we are able to once again experience a conscious connection to the Pleiadians and other members of the Spiritual Realms; we also realign to our own divine source of guidance. 

Clarity, an understanding of our own life mission, and a new comprehension of the higher purpose of our roles here during this important time of the Shift are some of the many benefits that derive from this empowering Self Healing Process.